Katie Elizabeth Jones
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Our Baby
Katie was due to be born on April 1st. I had a feeling that she would arrive early, but I had no idea just how early it would be! On the morning of Match 17th, John left for work as usual. I could barely get around at this point. I was sitting on the couch around noon, when I stared going into labor. I called John. He was at least an hour from home, but somehow he made it in 20 minutes. We were off to the hospital, eagerly looking forward to meeting our beautiful baby. We did not know if we were having a girl or a boy. I had suspected it was a girl, however. We were admitted as soon as we reached the hospital. Grandma and grandpa were waiting for us. Just a mere 15 hours later, our precious Katie was born. It was four o'clock in the morning, yet we had a large group of family and friends all looking through the glass, into the nursery. Everyone agreed that it appeared that Katie was smiling. She seemed very content, and was not fussy.

Two days later, on March 19th, Katie's came home with us. She seemed to be very comfortable with her surroundings. We had, what seemed like, an endless parade of visitors. Not only was Katie showered with gifts, she was showered with love.

Katie is getting pretty vocal these days. John insists that she said, "Dadda", yet I think it's still a little early for that. She loves peas and carrots, and loves piggy back rides on grandpa's shoulders. We haven't had much sleep, but we also enjoy spending every possible moment with Katie.

Some facts:

  • Katie Elizabeth is currently 23 inches tall

  • She weighs 11 pounds 3 inches

  • Her favorite toy is a stuffed beagle

  • Katie's hair seems to be turning red

  • Katie loves rides in the car

  • Katie's first trip to a restaurant was to the Great Wall Chinese Restaurant in Anytown. She was well behaved!

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